Austrian Airlines Significantly Increases flights to North America

Austrian Airlines has massively expanded its offering to North America as part of its summer flight schedule for 2014. Starting on July 2, 2014, Austria’s domestic airline will add a new destination, Newark, to its route network. The five weekly flights will be carried out using a Boeing 767 aircraft in addition to the daily flights to JFK in New York. As a result, Austrian Airlines will provide flight service to the two biggest airports in the New York metropolitan area. The catchment area encompasses a population of 20 million inhabitants. The two international airports fulfill varying needs, in light of the fact that Newark Liberty International Airport is located in the State of New Jersey, and John F. Kennedy International Airport is in Queens, Long Island.
The flight offering to the destinations of Washington and Chicago will be expanded in the summer of 2014. As of July 1, 2014, a Boeing 777 will fly to Washington on a daily basis instead of a Boeing 767, which comprises an additional offering of 90 seats per flight. Depending on the specific configuration, the Boeing 777 offers room for about 308 passengers on board, whereas the Boeing 767 features seating for 220 passengers. Due to the extensive demand, Austrian Airlines will fly to Chicago daily starting in May 2014 compared to five flights offered at the present time.
The existing daily flight service to Toronto in Canada operating a Boeing 767 rounds off the airline’s offering to North America. “North America has potential. Our flights are very popular, which is why we are increasing their frequency. In the summer of 2014 we will expand our offering to North America by about 30 percent”, says Karsten Benz, CCO of Austrian Airlines. “We are growing on long-haul routes, strengthening our flight service to the USA and expect 130,000 more passengers in 2014. The hub of our partner Airline provides many additional flight connections from Vienna to the Newark flight hub“, he adds.